Good Friday morning ...

So how has your week been?

Has it been one of those MONSTER weeks that just won't end. It seemed to go on and on and on. It seems we have one of those every once in a while, perhaps too often for some of us. The kind of week that is cumbersome, challenging, consuming.

There is one good thing about EVERY week: It always comes to an end ... it always cycles through ... there is always a new week on the way!

So much like life itself!  It cycles through ... one day, one week, one month, one year after another. There's always a fresh start around the corner.

Time is like that. It's always fresh, crisp, original. But the circumstances that fill the moments of time ... they can be horrendous, disastrous, horrible, gruesome; they can be nightmares; they can devalue our time into worthlessness. That's because, not all events of life, not all opportunities, not all the challenges we face every day, are pleasant. Indeed, some of them are pretty ugly!

So, with the passage of time, it is not so much that we have come to the end of another week that is important (Glad that one is over with!!!) ... but rather how we faced the circumstances that we encountered during that week. Our reaction to events is of far greater importance than the fact that we lived to tell about them.

One thing of great importance for every child of God to remember is this: god with us! Three simple words that pack a lot of punch when it comes to facing crises. For if they are true ... and I certainly believe they are ... then we are in good hands. God's hands! BIG hands! Righteous hands! Hands used to touching, healing, saving! Equipping, energizing, enabling hands! Hands that reach out and touch; hands that stroke with love; hands that cover with protection.

I have felt the touch of God's hands during tough weeks of my life. And though the week ends and its events fade ... the touch of God's hand lingers. And I like that. I really life that!

It assures me of God’s presence; it confirms my faith; it reminds me I am NEVER alone.

It would be nice if next week were a breeze. Sometimes a whole week can be like that. Nothing goes wrong; everything works; no problems arise. But more than likely, next week will be another monster staring you in the face. if it is, know that you can say: "Come on at me ... all seven days of you. because I know you come at me one day at a time and I know God is on my side!"

Blessings to each of you as you finish off this week and peek around the corner to the next.

"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." [Psalm 73:26]


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