Good Friday morning ...

A word about the upcoming election.

One very false assumption among Christians and, by the way, very divisive as well, is this: To agree in Christ is to agree in everything.

To be one in Christ, so the thinking goes, is to agree politically, economically, culturally, and so forth. In other words, all true believers in Christ ought to be Democrats or Republicans or capitalistic or socialistic or right of center or left of center or dead center or whatever!

The source of this false assumption is sin!

We find it in Genesis 11 where the cumulative consequence of Adam and Eve's disbelief and disobedience in the Garden of Eden evolves into man's desire to design and build his own human system. "Let us build for ourselves a city, with a tower ... so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered." [Genesis 11:4]

God's response to this effort was to confuse their languages and scatter the people resulting in their frustration, futility and failure.

The same delusion persists today, even in the church, that man himself can build a perfect society. That thought is implicit in every election, in every party platform, in every candidate's speech, in every social and economic system devised by man.

Capitalists believe they can. Socialists believe they can. Marxist believe they can. Conservatives believe they can. Liberals believe they can. Independents believe they can. Even though the perfect government has never been realized in all the years of recorded human history ... we still believe it can be done.

In this ancient delusion, believers equate Godly truth with the system in which they believe and assume that all who believe in Christ ought to agree. Needless to say, that has never and will never happen.

So, is hope for the perfect government ... this deep longing of the human heart for a government of perfect freedom, justice, and equity ... is it futile? Is it just a universal dream never to be realized? Is it just a fantasy with no foundation for reality?

I think not. Because God's plan for history includes the perfect government. In fact, He planted the desire for it in the human heart. That desire has been befuddled and confused and tormented by sin. But in the divine economy, history will be consummated in this perfection ... with the abolition of every evil, every immorality, every wickedness, every sin which today infects all of humanity ...  regardless of party affiliation or ideology.

God's Kingdom is the perfect society and it is totally unlike any human system.

Jesus Christ introduced it. And Jesus Christ will consummate it. For "Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end." [Isaiah 9"7]

Do I hear a Hallelujah?

Blessings on your weekend ...


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