Good Friday morning ...

Midnight questions. We all have them ... and they never seem to go away once they are in our mind.

What will tomorrow bring?
With this COVID thing ... what does my future look like? What if I get it? or my children?
And speaking of children ... will they always follow the Lord? What if something happens to them?

Single people wonder if they will ever marry while married couples look at all the divorces around them and wonder about the strength of their marriage. We all have concerns about our career choices and wonder where we will be in five or ten years. And we all have financial concerns and wonder how we will make ends meet.

Peter tells us to "Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you" [I Peter 5:7] What comfort those words bring; what hope in the time of trouble.

It helps to know that when Peter wrote this verse, he used two different Greek words. In the first half of the verse the word translated "cares" or "worries" or "anxieties" is completely different from the word translated "cares" in the second half. The words aren't related at all.

The word in the second half of the verse means something like "to fix your thoughts upon" something. I like that. It means God has you in His heart. He is always thinking about you. His thoughts are fixed on you!

This is the great truth that makes this verse so very powerful. Our Heavenly Father has us on His heart! What a marvelous truth!

But our minds often raise a red flag because we tend to worry. Can God be trusted?

Many of us fear that if we cast all our cares on God, somehow, He will mess things up. That's why sometimes people say, "Pray for the opposite of what you want because God gives the opposite of what we most desire."

In most instances, when we burrow down deep and move past the problems that we think we have, we find that our deepest problems are theological. And so, the question arises: Can God be trusted?

Until you settle that issue, worry will rule your life. We fear that if we submit our lives to God, He'll mess things up for us. He'll ask us to do things we don't want to do; He'll send us to places we don't want to go; He'll bring unpleasant people into our lives; He'll force us to become someone we don't want to be. We secretly fear He can't be trusted to take care of us.  So, we decide to handle our own problems. And we wonder why we are frustrated and unfulfilled.

No wonder we're so messed up!

Here is the heart of Christianity: GOD CARES FOR ME! He proved it by sending His own Son to die for me. The issue was settled for all time on the cross. Any God who would sacrifice His own Son for a person like me must care for me. There's no other reason He would do such a thing. When we come to God, we don't have to convince Him to hear us. We don't have to chant or shout or burn incense or ring bells or offer a sacrifice. We come as His children and He gladly hears us. We don't do anything to make God care for us. He just does!

We start with the assurance ... rooted in history ... that God cares for us. And on that basis, we can unload all our worries on Him.

Because He loves us. Because He made us. Because He came for us. Because He died for us. Because He rose for us. And because He will come again for us.

Don't worry about tomorrow because God is already there. He is the God who goes before His people.

God promises to be with you no matter what happens to you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and all the days after that.

You can live without fear because God has you on His heart at this very moment. He will not forget you ... indeed, He cannot forget you!

With that ... have a worry-free weekend ...