Good Friday morning ...

Through the years, I have noticed something about God. This may sound a bit strange but think about it. God is ALWAYS the initiator. In the relationship between God and man ... God is ALWAYS the subject ... man is ALWAYS the object!

"In the beginning God ..." That's how the Bible begins. God had a plan. God had a purpose. God had a will. In the beginning ... God! He is the subject!

At the moment of creation God acted with total independence ... with total freedom ... "after the counsel of His own will." [Ephesians 1:11] He was the subject … His creation was the object.

Think about it ...
           God CALLED Abraham.
           God GAVE Isaac.
           God CHOSE Jacob.
           God RAISED UP Moses.
           God SENT Jesus!

God works in and through history to accomplish His purpose. God is always the subject ... man is always the object. But, and here is the dilemma we face, when man takes charge ... when man takes over ... when man becomes the subject ... he blows it ... he messes up the plan … big time!

But thanks be to God ... He can still overrule and He can still overcome. "In all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purposes." [Romans 8:28]

God can take the worst that man can do and He can turn it into the best thing that can happen.

In fact, He has done just that with the crucifixion of Jesus! Humanity took the only perfect Man who had ever lived and nailed Him to the cross ... the worst possible evil. And God turned that evil event into redemption for the whole human race ... the best possible blessing.

Just something to think about as you wind down for the weekend. Enjoy God's blessings over these sizzling August days of 2020 ... mindful that He is Lord over all!


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