Good Friday morning ...

Why is Jesus given such little respect? Why is it, when His name is spoken, some people cringe, while the name Allah or Confucius is given admiration?

Why through the centuries, generation after generation, have some of the greatest minds been devoted to discrediting Jesus and the record of His life? What is there about Jesus that subjects Him to such perpetual hatred?

Over two thousand years after He lived and died, this Jewish carpenter is remembered while most of His important contemporaries are forgotten. The record of His life and work sells millions of copies every year ... and has been published into more than 1,800 languages.

Every time we date a letter, we acknowledge this incredible Person who has been called "the Hinge of history." In all of Western civilization, the person who stands out above all others is Jesus. He undoubtedly has been the most permanent influence on our thoughts.

So why the enmity?

Through more than twenty centuries He has been vindicated as the perfect Human. In His life He was the epitome of all virtue ... the Servant of servants ... who loved all people unconditionally even unto death. He was the champion of the oppressed ... the poor, the weak, the voiceless, the handicapped, the outcast. According to the verdict of human history ... no evil, no sin, no error was ever attached to His name.

And yet He is hated?

How does one explain the irrational hatred for this extraordinary Man who lived entirely for others and gave Himself for all.? Who died as a common criminal by the cruelest form of capital punishment and, while doing so, prayed for those who nailed Him there?

Does that make any sense at all?

By what rationale do logical, intelligent, scientific minds justify ignoring or rejecting Him? Who, more than He, in all of human history, deserves thoughtful investigation, attention and honor?  What is there in the human heart that would turn away from such a leader, such a model, such a Man, with such love? It could only be the sin of an egotistical heart that falsely believes one can save himself.

But God has given Him "the name that is above every name" [Philippians 2:9]

I say with Peter when the disciples were asked by Jesus, "You do not want to leave me, do you?" ... Peter responded with these words, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." [John 6:67-68]. There you have it! Short, simple and sweet!

Keep that thought in mind ... as you have a blessed weekend ...


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